One Mans Shadow (The McCabes Book 2)

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Donald Trump's first year: in pictures Show all US President Donald Trump acknowledges the audience after taking the oath of office as his wife Melania L and daughter Tiffany watch during inauguration ceremonies swearing in Trump as the 45th president of the United States on the West Front of the US capital in Washington on 20 January, Photographer Jim Bourg: "This photo was shot with one of two remote cameras.

The cameras were monitored and triggered remotely and the pictures were transmitted to clients worldwide within minutes of being taken.

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As he spoke from the stage to his wife and daughter in the audience, he became emotional when he talked about what they had sacrificed during his time in office. I turned from photographing the Obama women embracing to find him onstage wiping away tears. A combination of photos shows the crowds attending the inauguration ceremonies to swear in U.

President Donald Trump at pm left on January 20, and President Barack Obama sometime between pm and pm on January 20, Photographer Jonathan Ernst: "What I see when I look at this picture is the end of a very long day, not to mention weeks and months of preparation by many photographers, editors and network experts and the beginning of everything since. Photographer Joshua Roberts: "I have covered the White House for 16 years and normally either the President or the pool is in position when an event starts.

In this case the President was not where anyone expected him to be. In fact, he was almost blocking the door when the pool came in.

One Man's Shadow (The McCabes Book 2) by Brad Dennison

We had to scramble to find a position without bumping him or the furniture as he greeted and thanked members of law enforcement for their security efforts during the inauguration. Photographer Jonathan Ernst: "Very early in the Trump administration, weekends were as busy as weekdays. On Trump's second Saturday the official schedule said he would be making private phone calls to a number of world leaders including Russia's Vladimir Putin.

I arrived early and, before sitting down at my desk walked up to Press Secretary Sean Spicer's office. He, too, was just taking his coat off. I gingerly made the suggestion that previous administrations had sometimes allowed photos of such phone calls through the Oval Office windows on the colonnade. To my mild shock, he didn't even think about it twice. In truth, I really only expected the Putin call, but we were outside the windows multiple times throughout the day as the calls went on.

Photographer Jonathan Ernst: "We're often asked how much access we have to the Trump administration, and the answer is we have an awful lot. President Trump himself is very comfortable in the spotlight, and his aides are similarly unfazed by cameras. In this instance, senior advisor Kellyanne Conway was so comfortable in our presence she seemed not to consider the optics of kneeling on a Oval Office sofa to take pictures with her phone.

Photographer Jonathan Ernst: "Chancellor Merkel made one of the earliest important visits of any US allies to meet Trump in his first months in office. When world leaders give joint news conferences they don't always tend to give each other their full attention - but Merkel watched Trump intently at several key moments, and here seemed particularly rapt.

President Trump reacts as he sits on a truck while he welcomes truckers and CEOs to attend a meeting regarding healthcare at the White House on 23 March, An wheeler tow truck was parked on the South Lawn of the White House and as Trump welcomed the truckers someone invited the him to come and sit in the driver's seat. Trump jumped into the cab and started yelling and pretending to drive - creating one of the most memorable pictures of the year. A lesson learned, always be prepared for the unexpected. They could shoot a rifle, gun by the time they were ten years old.

The need to provide meat for the family, protecting the families from Indian raids, banditos and whatever owlhoots robbing whomever they happened to meet on the prairies May 23, Harold Jones rated it really liked it. Following a legend I enjoy the author's ability to emphasize virtuous character traits and noting that we all have more than one side to us. I enjoyed the action and historical accuracy incorporated into this fictional account of a family struggle. Reminiscent of the Sackett family novels written by Louis L'Amour.

Jul 29, Lawrence. Com rated it it was amazing. Realistic western adventure Great detail especially all the characters. Lots of action and romance. Really good story line with many twists and turns. Look forward to the next in the series. Oct 07, Norm S rated it liked it. Jack McCabe returns from college for the summer. He not planning on going back.

Acting FB. Director Andrew McCabe On Donald Trump, James Comey, Russia (Full) - The New York Times

The book was kind of slow and I wasn't happy with the ending. A weak 3 stars. Feb 11, Dennis R Thummel rated it it was amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed. Read for pleasure and relaxation, not to critique. Therefore it is my belief that reviews should be written by recognized critics and that the star system should be sufficient because reviews are simply the reflection of the reader. Feb 07, Dennis F. Pelto rated it it was amazing. Good Book This was a very good book it kept me interested all the way through the book, this was book 2 of 9. Can't wait to start the next one. Jan 30, Larry Powers rated it it was amazing.

Never give in…Never back down…Never lose faith.

Big Shadow Another great book in this series. Just enough twists to keep you turning the pages. Now, on to the next book. Nov 07, Connie S. Koog rated it really liked it. One Man's Shadow: This was a good read. I laughed and cried through out the book. I so enjoy reading about the people who settled our land. Aug 26, Elizabeth West rated it it was amazing. One Man's Shadow Enjoyable book full of drama. If you like westerns you'll enjoy it. A few mistakes in editing but highly recommend it.

One Mans Shadow (The McCabes Book 2) One Mans Shadow (The McCabes Book 2)
One Mans Shadow (The McCabes Book 2) One Mans Shadow (The McCabes Book 2)
One Mans Shadow (The McCabes Book 2) One Mans Shadow (The McCabes Book 2)
One Mans Shadow (The McCabes Book 2) One Mans Shadow (The McCabes Book 2)
One Mans Shadow (The McCabes Book 2) One Mans Shadow (The McCabes Book 2)
One Mans Shadow (The McCabes Book 2) One Mans Shadow (The McCabes Book 2)

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