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I'm trying to observe the route change to apply some common action once rendered. The idea is to have a feature similar to the onload but as we use a single-page app this needs to be triggered on each route changes. While this works good in some cases, it gets triggered when the route changes, but still to early to apply content changes as it seem to append before the content gets rendered. Have you tried deferring the code with Ember.

For instance,.

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Due to the deprecation of Controllers in Ember 1. You can do this in ember-cli like so:. In the guides, I can see 2 ways to define the routes of a resource, and I was wondering what's the one I should use, and why? I have some routes that look like this:this.

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There is an application which needs to alter some pa I need something like global app I'm developing an Ember app, that will be embed in a Drupal page. Only problem: the menu of the app must be in the drupal page. Send to group. Start presenting Close.

ember.js - EmberJS - Redirect parent path to its nested child path

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The problem is the same as above. You cant share a run as picture. It asks for permission to access the gallery, but you cant, as there is no setting for it.

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Regards, Zsolt. When trying to share an activity I have the option to add a photo. Selecting 'take a photo' will result in the app requesting and getting permission to access the camera. Selecting 'choose from gallery' will unsuccessfully request access to the camera roll.

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  5. It opens the settings screen, but no access request is being submitted. For me this issue started after an upgrade from iPhone 6 to 8 before it was fine.

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    I run the latest software available for all components. I was hopeful seeing an update to the software but this still remains an issue. May I had the same problem.

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