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My Dad Was The Cook In Our House.

Robin is also a director at Firefly Press. So here they are in no particular order …..

July 1, Lexi Rees Leave a comment. It is a sequel, but I read it as a stand-alone with no issues.

Healthy, Easy Dinners for Busy Mums (Hard Cover)

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Check out our latest adult "Colouring and Doodle Book" for relaxation and fun. Record and share your favorite recipes with our vintage inspired recipe journals, or start the new chapter of life with our "Food and Fitness" or "Believe In Yourself" journal. A week later, ingredients purchased, my sister and I sat at the kitchen bench whilst my Mum prepped and cooked dinner. Chatting about life and work we occasionally answered Mum when she asked about a cutting technique and I was happy to help when she preferred someone else cut the last bit of fennel.

We all agreed she was on a roll and this was the thing that would give her the most grief! My Dad tried to cut in a few times but we told him to go away.

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Mum was doing this and he had to let her! Dinner that night was absolutely delicious!

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A few days later my mum announced she was making dinner again and we had avocado and chicken salad. Since I have returned she has also sent pictures of two more dishes. And that my friends is how my mum started cooking again!

Mum's Recipe book nr1 by Ann Ingvild Andersen | Blurb Books

Mum paid me for the book and I ordered a new one from amazon. The first weekend I was back in the UK I made the chicken with fennel and roasted aubergine and potato portioned into 15 lunches! It was easy to do on a Sunday afternoon whilst I played jazz radio and read my book. Throughout the book Iyer gives tips on how to replace ingredients and ultimately make your own roasting tins.

Then Number Three came along. So, luckily we have the book again thanks to Penguin. From the layout to the recipes to the photos, this is the kind of book I like. It has a bit of everything in it, but all explained simply. I was really pleased to see some of our own favourite dinners in there great minds think alike Annabel! We always make our own burgers and I recently found a local butcher who will make lamb mince for me, so now that I have a recipe there is nothing standing in my way.

Roasted Cauliflower and Minced Beef Courgettes caught my eye as new things I could introduce for the children without much fuss. Actually, to be honest I could do with re-introducing myself to cauliflower. I was never mad about it and only eat it about once a year, faking to the children that I really like it. Roasting it is new to me, but it sounds delicious. I love anything else roasted. As I mentioned above, the recipes are explained simply and there are details at the top of the page as to whether or not the meals can be frozen — very important to know for batch-cooking parents.

When Autumn comes round I would love to make the Wild Mushroom Gratin, since my mother-in-law is a bit of a mushroom gathering expert. Beef Wellington is something I have always wanted to make and the one in this book looks delicious and Christmassy, decorated as it is with pastry stars.

My Mums Recipe Book My Mums Recipe Book
My Mums Recipe Book My Mums Recipe Book
My Mums Recipe Book My Mums Recipe Book
My Mums Recipe Book My Mums Recipe Book
My Mums Recipe Book My Mums Recipe Book
My Mums Recipe Book My Mums Recipe Book

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