Dustys Song (Goin back)

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Shadows of eternity. Bright shoots of everlastingness. Oh, to travel back and tread again on that ancient track to the land of lost content.

The slender tops of fir trees close against the sky. No more games to only pass the time. Living life instead of counting years. Going back. Embed from Getty Images In Carole King and Gerry Goffin gave us a magic carpet ride song that looked poignantly back to the childhood land of lost content and tremulously forward to a world where thinking young and growing older is no sin.

A world where the game of life can be played to win. Catch me if you can.

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Streaming, filled with light, through the eye of a needle. Sing it for me Dusty. Take me back.

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Dusty Springfield. A singer of both power and delicacy. Dusty knew that great songs were rare and precious things. Time after time Dusty found depths of meaning within songs few had even guessed at. Beauty emerging out of Hide and seek with her fears and ours. Catch me if you can …. Hide and seek.

Thinking young and growing older is no sin. Plaing the game of life to win. Nils Lofgren — Guitar Slinger for the greats. Neil Young.

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Bruce Springsteen. Yet, too often forgotten a very fine artist in his own right.

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Shining plain Forever. Streaming, filled with life through the eye of a needle. Starry eyed and laughing. Bright shoots of everlasting ness. Share this: Facebook Email Print Twitter. Like this: Like Loading She has an amazing catalogue to draw on.

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Regards Thom Like Liked by 1 person. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Vera Lynn or Anne Shelton had never spoken up. They just went into the studio, recorded and walked out. Dusty took a more personal interest in a record. She was good to work with — but she was an exacting artist.

Written in the 50s by hard bop pianist Horace Silver and scat man Jon Hendricks, this song was covered by Dusty with a tough, assured delivery and punchy orchestration. In a life dominated by mood swings and anxiety exacerbated by drugs and alcohol , singing gave Dusty an emotional equilibrium. This is Dusty in her late s prime — the Dusty of big gowns, beehive hair and giant, orchestrated ballads. This rarity, from film The Happy Ending starring Jean Simmons as a woman escaping from a crumbling marriage , has a fragile, contemplative quality. But at the same time, so much fun.

In her darkest moments she could have a laugh. It was recorded in with producer Brooks Arthur at his studio in Nyack, upstate New York, and although Dusty was struggling, her performance on this track has a tender, ragged beauty. Arthur remembers a young Bruce Springsteen come into the studio and quietly watch Dusty sing. What can I say? Written by Carole King, it was performed by Dusty with such control and sensitivity that when she heard this version, King was moved to tears.

This version isn't on Youtube, but it's worth investing in the boxed set or requesting as a birthday gift! I also love this spontaneous live version on the BBC, with a sweet intro by Dusty.


Rest in peace, Dust. Share this article:. If you enjoy The Quietus, please consider supporting what we do with a one-off or regular donation.

Dustys Song (Goin back) Dustys Song (Goin back)
Dustys Song (Goin back) Dustys Song (Goin back)
Dustys Song (Goin back) Dustys Song (Goin back)
Dustys Song (Goin back) Dustys Song (Goin back)
Dustys Song (Goin back) Dustys Song (Goin back)
Dustys Song (Goin back) Dustys Song (Goin back)
Dustys Song (Goin back) Dustys Song (Goin back)
Dustys Song (Goin back) Dustys Song (Goin back)

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